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Tips for Having a Safe Hot Air Balloon Ride

Riding many feet above the earth in a hot air balloon can be quite thrilling. All the adventure sports, touring hot air balloons included have their dangers. The people who have not been careful enough have caused accidents with the hot air balloons and killed very many people or died themselves. If you want to avoid such disasters, you need to know all the aspects you are supposed to put into consideration before you have a hot air balloon ride.

First, ensure that the hot air balloon you want to ride contains the essential safety equipment. If you are not sure of what the hot air balloon should contain, you should gather information from reliable sources such as ballooning guides and websites. In case you did not know, the most critical safety items in a hot air balloon are onboard flint spark lighter, fire extinguisher, and parachutes. The spark lighter helps to relight the fire to keep the balloon in the air. If the spark lighter is not available, the hot air balloon could land with a tremendous crash. The use of a fire extinguisher is evident to all of us.

Another important item that should be available in a hot air balloon is a drop line. The only time a drop line is used is when the wind is too strong that the pilot cannot guide the balloon in the right direction. The crew on the ground uses the drop line dropped by the pilot to guide the hot air balloon away from obstructions on the ground. A perfect drop line should not be more or less than thirty meters long.

Proper maintenance should be observed for every hot air balloon. Just like aircraft, air balloons require regular maintenance. The fabric is the most vulnerable part of the hot air balloon Any small tear or rip should be repaired immediately to avoid disastrous repercussions. The basket is another essential part of the hot air balloon that needs to be checked before taking off. It should be clean and organized. The external parts of the basket should stay hygienic. In case the balloon lands on muddy areas, the operator company should clean and dry the basket. The skids at the bottom of the basket need to be replaced immediately if damaged to ensure safe landing.

The safety of your hot air balloon ride is determined by the experience of the rider you select. Experienced companies have a lot of knowledge and skills on hot air balloon riding. It should also have pilots who inform the customers the terms and conditions to be followed during the flight.

Your mind should be alert during the ride to ensure your safety. It is your responsibility to alert the pilot in case you come across such barriers.

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