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Tips in Determining Whether an American Eagle Silver Coin is Real or Not

Silver is one of the most precious metals used to product coins, including the American Eagle Silver Coins. If you are interested in buying an American Eagle Silver coin, you need to know how to do it. Here are some tips for finding genuine American Eagle Silver Coins.

Merely trusting your eyes will not help in distinguishing the real American Eagle from a fake one. It takes knowing what the coin really looks like with all its distinguishing traits to know whether the one you are looking for is authentic or not. You need to check first the silver itself. There are a lot of people who can intuitively recognize when an American Eagle coin doesn’t look right. You cannot always trust your intuition. Cheap allow is being used by coin manufacturers today to resemble the American eagle. This coins lack the shimmer than silver creates. A lack of shimmer in the coin may prove to be a fake coin so be cautious.

Is is more difficult to determine if a coin is authentic of fake is it is plated in silver. The coin resembles genuine silver because it is plated in genuine silver.

Each American Eagle silver coins has its distinguishing mark which can clearly be seen with the use of a magnifying glass. If these distinguishing marks are not there, then you can immediately reject the coin.

Weighing the American Eagle is another way of telling whether it is authentic or not. Do you assignment and find out how much the authentic American Eagle silver coin weighs. The weight can be affected if shortcuts were done to manufacture fake coins. Real silver coins are much heavier than coins made of metal alloy. If they plate the coin with silver, then it will be significantly less in weight than using silver to produce the entire coin.

There are people who think that there is no significance in the weight of the American Eagle coin. But it is really very important. The process of manufacturing commemorative coins are extremely meticulous. So, if you have to identify an authentic silver commemorative coins, you have many crucial details to look for. Appearance is important in distinguishing the coin from the fake ones, but other measurements including weight are also used. If you know the weight of an American eagle silver coin, then you can be more confident in buying an authentic one.

The American Eagle coin has a distinct sound that you can listen to. Before buying the coin, do this test. Coins create a certain ‘ring’ when one uses a piece of metal to tap them. The pitches of different metals are different from each other. This includes the silver coin. Make sure you don’t scratch or damage the coin when doing this test.

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