The Importance of Staying Active With Help From a Utah Home Care Organization

Utah Home Care allows people who are somewhat disabled to continue living independently at home in their own familiar environment. Many people prefer this option instead of moving to an assisted living apartment. They may simply need assistance with some basic activities that have become difficult for them. They may not have close family members nearby who can help, or they may not want to turn that family relationship into one between a caregiver and care recipient.

Staying Active at Home

With help from an organization such as Home Care Assistance of Utah, these individuals also are able to remain more active than would otherwise be the case. They may not want to walk on their home treadmill or ride the stationary bicycle without somebody else there, for example. This person may have a chronic health disorder that sometimes causes weakness and trouble with coordination, and he or she may be too nervous to exercise without supervision.

Performing Physical Therapy Exercises

The client of a home care service may need to complete physical therapy exercises each day, but may be worried about this type of activity without someone else there. Another client might like to take a daily walk, but feels more comfortable if an assistant is along, providing a small amount of physical support through linked arms. That can provide the steadying influence to increase confidence and stability.

Emotional and Mental Benefits

Exercise is proven to stimulate the mind as well as keep the body physically fit. Regular exercise reduces susceptibility to cognitive impairment and it also enhances mood. These are crucial benefits for people in their senior years, since the risk of memory loss and dementia increases with age. Depression associated with physical disability also is relatively common, and staying active makes people feel better emotionally.

Physical Benefits

Staying active with the help of assistants from a home care service has numerous other benefits. The older people become, the more vulnerable they are to chronic disorders like hypertension, high cholesterol and Type 2 diabetes. Being active is connected with improvements in blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels. It also is helpful for maintaining muscle strength and flexibility.