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What Couples can do for Costume Ideas

The sheer magnitude of growth experienced in the video game industry is beyond what was earlier thought of as possible. It has managed to generate a staggering amount of money, in the tens of billions. This we can all agree is a lot of money.

Those who love gaming are familiar with the idea of cosplay. If finding a costume for a single person is hard, you can imagine how harder it shall be for a couple. But there are few ideas that couples can use to make this process easier. They are guaranteed to be fun, from the planning stage all the way to the occasion where they will be worn. If done right, you shall win any costume competition.

Mario and Princess Peach is a classic example in the gaming world. There is an air of timelessness in it. The two tend to complement each other well. The simplicity of putting together Mario’s outfit makes for an easier time for the guy. Peach’s costume will require a bit more work, but the effort shall be well worth it.

Team Rocket is guaranteed to stand out as a costume choice, since not many people go as an evil pair of villains. It also makes for an easier assembly time, since it only needs a white shirt, white pants, black shoes and a black belt. An additional big red R on the shirts shall make it closer to the original, for effect. The couple has a cat, which those who have a child can dress it up as.

You shall also find inspiration from Link and Zelda. The game’s performance has improved of late, making it the right time to be seen in such a costume. It has quite a bit of elaborate parts to the entire ensemble. There are things like the elf ears, tunic, and Zelda’s crown to think about. But when complete, it is worth the effort.

You can also make things interesting when you opt for Geralt and one of her pursuits from The Witcher 3 game. You get to decide which one you will go with, depending on who you favor in the game. This tends to generate mixed feelings among the players, so a couple should go with whoever they prefer. Either way, it is bound to be an interesting couple’s outfit.

BioShock also presents a great costume idea source, specifically the Splicer characters. In as much as most people may not see them that way, the make for great costume idea sources. They have great style that makes for this. You can get all you need for the costume form a thrift store, which makes the assembly affordable.
When a couple implements one of these ideas, they get to shine throughout a party or con.