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The Top Reasons Why Stand up Pouches Are Good for Business

Stand up pouches are not completely new to the packaging market, but they have revolutionized the packing business in such a way as to warrant a lot of attention. But despite their success, some manufacturers are still using old packaging approaches hence, missing out on a chance to save tremendous amounts of resources, by using stand up pouches. The pouches are especially useful for manufacturers of items such as pet foods, and foodstuffs like soup. Here’s a list of reasons stand up pouches would be the answer to your packing needs:.

1. Stand up pouches look good t on store shelves since they offer you a great deal of space for images and significant instructional info.

2. The makeup of stand up pouches take quite nicely to printing and can function as a virtual billboard for your product on a shop shelf. They may be printed in numerous designs and colors – your imagination is the limit.

3. Stand up pouches use less material in accommodating an item than conventional packaging techniques like a bag-in-a-box, metal, glass, or rigid plastic containers. As a result, both manufacturers and end consumers have less to throw away.

4. Since they could stand on their own, the marketing options available to your product in a stand-up pouch are much greater than other products.

5. Stand up components are available in a wide range of fashions and with numerous different access methods, for example reclosable zippers, spouts, sliders, or even stickers.

6. Manufactured from vinyl or mixture of plastic and laminates, stand up components provide excellent protection against outside chemical or physical contaminants, and may improve the freshness of products that break down after exposure to oxygen.

7. You can fold stand up pouches when empty, saving space during storage and shipment, as well as saving money on freight expenses.

8. Extremely simple to use, most consumers seldom have difficulty opening or closing a stand-up pouch, and it is desirable to both merchants and consumers alike.

9. Stand up pouches come in different sizes and shapes. The most common shapes are the round-bottom, the k-seal as well as the plow bottom. The choice depends on your goods and your preference. Your supplier can make recommendations based on your specific needs.

10. Both dry and liquid products can be put in stand up pouches because they’re made in such a way as to minimize the risk of the package leaking or breaking, no matter how much stress they are subjected to.

To conclude, stand up pouches can be used for both retail and industrial use. A product that can stand on a shelf with easy access to the contents inside certainly favors the retail environment as well as the consumer. Along with the large printable surface for maximum consumer appeal, it is apparent why this sort of packaging keeps growing in popularity.

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