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Ways of Pet-Proofing your Premises

Dogs will most likely get into some form of an accident sooner or later. They can destroy property or run away. You need to know of ways to make it impossible for this to happen. It is important to pet-proof the house.

There are gates that can be used to control their access. This will help prevent them from running away. This will keep others safe, and the dog as well since it wont run into traffic at the slightest chance.

Keep electrical cords bundled up. A dog could have a fatal accident when they attempt playing with them. Use the higher areas to keep these cords away from them.

You can expect a dog to try and bite through anything. They will try and chew something that could turn out to be harmful to them. You need to keep them away from them. They will try and jump through any low-level window. Keep such windows closed.

You need to prevent the spread of fleas on them. Those cause them so much misery when they have to keep scratching and biting their hides. Fleas will also destroy whatever image of hygiene you had your home, and risk your family’s health as well. You need to get effective medicine such as PetAction pet flea pill.
You also need to make sure they have no access to the garbage. Dogs have no issue rummaging through it, which could harm them. They will relieve themselves all over while they are still house trained. You need to prepare well for how you shall clean up after them.

When you leave your closet open, they will get in there. You will find most of your clothes and shoes torn. By closing in all the shoes and clothes, you can avoid some heavy losses and strong words.

They might also wander into the bathroom, which is dangerous for them. If they drink shampoo, bleach or body wash, they might die. You need to keep the bathroom doors closed, or the toilet seat closed, so that they do not reach those waters. Make sure you have a good medicine cabinet in there. This is for the safe storage of all toothpaste, medications and cosmetics.

Keep also all jars on the kitchen counter secured. They will want to jump up there and end up knocking them over.
Since the pet will regularly play outside, you need to have a high perimeter fence, to prevent them from jumping into the streets. Ensure there are no stepping surfaces near the fence for them to jump over.

Those who have swimming pools should invest in proper covers for them. A dog might drown otherwise.

Be vigilant of the pesticide you opt to use for your garden. Confirm that they are not harmful to a pet. Learn which ones are not safe, and have emergency contacts in case the dog swallows any of it.

Ensure that all dangerous materials like paint, antifreeze, cleaning solutions, car oil, or rat poison are kept in a locked and hard to reach cabinet.