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Biases are recognized to be ingrained in the nature that is human. Ironically, the bias starts reflecting within our approach to an individual’s wellness, even though the victim is someone you care about, as we give priority to health that is physical psychological state. Many of the biases regarding health that is mental inbuilt or are handed down from a single generation to some other.

Social media marketing has a role that is considerable propagating such biases. Without the right evidence, numerous crimes of violent nature, such as shootings, murders, etc., are usually ascribed to psychological problems. As suggested by Jonathan M. Metzl, M.D., Ph.D., and Kenneth T. MacLeish, Ph.D., in a 2015 research posted within the American Journal of Public wellness, most of the mass shootings in America are related to psychological illnesses, and are also often considered the main cause of violence.

The stereotype that “all people with …

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